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Founded in 2018 by Vincent Piepiora on the basis of academic research conducted at Chimie Paris Tech – Université PSL, ENERGO conceives and develops a disruptive technology based on the coupling of catalysis and cold plasma. ENERGO brings a major disruption to many industrial chemical processes. The technology enables massive decarbonization of key value chains, including the production of biofuels and green hydrogen.

ENERGO has developed a competitive, compact solution that can be adapted to any site, providing a decentralized approach conducive to the energy transition. Due to its versatility and disruptive operating conditions (low pressure and temperature, resistance to pollutants, etc.) this technology can be used in a wide range of application to help decarbonize industry and transport.

Part of the first La French Tech 2030 selection in 2023, ENERGO has benefitted since its inception from the support of Bpifrance, ADEME, the Hauts-de-France region, PSL Chimie Paris Université and the European Union.

These funds raised from financial, industrial and institutional investors will enable ENERGO to commercially deploy its cold plasma catalytic reactors, strengthen its teams and set up a manufacturing and testing facility in Loos, near Lille. The company will also accelerate its R&D program and the development of new applications.

Jean-René Griton, Aurignac Finance : “By supporting ENERGO over the long term and enabling it to carry out this successful fundraising operation, the Aurignac Finance’s Energy Transition team is proud to have contributed to the acceleration and independence of one of the most promising startups in the sector. ENERGO’s governance and financial resources now match with the ambitions of the extraordinary team at the helm of the company.

With this new deal, Aurignac Finance consolidates its presence in the energy and ecological transition vertical, particularly in the energy and chemistry deeptechs universe.