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Custom-made support

Know-how and expertise dedicated to our clients’ success

Since 2004, we have been working with our customers on operations in France and abroad to meet their key goals:

Maximise the value of their business

Divest a non-strategic asset

Finance the growth

Diversify and expand internationally

Gain and maintain sector leadership

Advised transactions

Divestments and LBOs

For divestment projects, we work alongside family shareholders, executive founders or investment funds to steer the sale process.

We adapt the process to our clients’ specific goals, and create the conditions required to optimise the exit conditions.

Acquisitions and add-ons

For acquisition projects, we support fast-growing companies, small and medium-sized companies, and large corporates in implementing their external growth and diversification strategies.

For our international clients, we are able to work jointly and in coordination with our partners within Mergers Alliance to provide coordinated buyside support across several countries, with the same quality of service. Our clients, both listed groups and private equity-backed companies, benefit from a tenfold execution capacity for the implementation of their expansion and add-on strategies.


We support our clients to fund their growth projects, by putting together financial arrangement combining equity and debt. We advise them on the following transactions:

  • Growth capital: fundraising from financial sponsors, with or without cash-out, and the related bank/hybrid loans to fund long-term investments;
  • Shares transfers: external financing for minority stake acquisitions and more generally, ownership transmission;
  • Project finance: assistance in arranging and sourcing customised structured finance solutions for project sponsors/developers (renewable energies, plants, etc.);
  • Innovation funding: Venture capital for companies with stabilised business models and technologies.


We support large corporates and mid-sized groups in the accomplishment of carve-outs of non-core activities.

We intervene as early as possible in the implementation of such transactions in order to optimise the main terms, such as the valuation, the carve-out conditions and the transaction services agreements (TSA) negotiated with the acquirer.

Sector expertise

For several years, we have built up a real expertise in two major sectors at the heart of the French and European economy and driven by long-term sovereignty challenges:

Aerospace & defense / harsh environment

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Energy transition & sustainability

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We also intervene on a regular basis on the following sectors:

Luxury, fashion & beauty

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Business services

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Distribution & logistics

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Civil works & real estate

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We also benefit of the sector knowledge support from our partners within Mergers Alliance in these same industries, as well as in healthcare and financial services.

Global reach

A dedicated team

A demand for quality