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Aurignac Finance assisted the EPC Group, a specialist in civil explosives, deconstruction and asbestos removal, with the purchase of Sigenci shares as part of an asset sale under insolvency proceedings.

Aurignac Finance advised the management of the listed group EPC in the acquisition of the company Sigenci Environnement. This opportunity, identified and initiated by Aurignac Finance, was transformed into an acquisition generating immediate commercial, technological and geographical synergies. This operation created an independent leader in the asbestos removal industry, which requires more and more technical competences as well as financial resources.

Sigenci is a well-known asbestos removal player counting three agencies in France, and making a turnover of more than €10m. The company, autonomous and with profitable operations, was part of a construction and public works company DG Construction filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

The group EPC is one of the main world suppliers for explosives and technical solutions associated to civil applications (quarries, mines, construction works, drilling). In France, EPC is also operating demolition and asbestos removal works through its dedicated business unit. Founded in 1893, the group is present in 20 countries around the world including Europe, Africa and Middle-East. In 2013, EPC registered sales of €322m.

The operation was achieved in a very brief period of time and in a complex environment including numerous stakeholders with divergent preoccupations. Aurignac Finance contributed to establish a relationship of trust – really important for the effective closing of the operation – between the board of Sigenci and EPC. It shows again Aurignac Finance’s capacities in terms of finding solutions creating value for all the stakeholders.