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From left to right: Raphaël Brenier and Christine de Briganti, partners at Aurignac Finance, and Óscar Sánchez Melgosa, Managing Partner Corporate Finance at Norgestion.

On the occasion of the Mergers Alliance 1st half-year seminar in Miami, USA, Norgestion and Aurignac Finance partners gave an interview to the Spanish magazine Capital & Corporate, dedicated to the world of M&A and private equity.

The close collaboration between Norgestion and Aurignac responds to the economic cooperation between our two countries and enables companies in both countries to build bridges to accelerate business development in these two major neighbouring markets. Norgestion and Aurignac are working together on numerous cross-border projects in the food, distribution, and business services sectors.

Extract from the article published by Capital & Corporate: «Relations between Spain and France, our main export destination, have historically been very productive, with a firstly stable flow of mergers & acquisitions and investments over time. This is evidenced by the historically high level of cross-border transactions and investments. The outlook remains positive in terms of reciprocal investments, as both countries have business projects with potential and converging interests.

Read the full article (in Spanish)