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With this acquisition, Loyalty Expert strengthens its presence on the segment of incentive of sales networks, a very competitive market that requires a critical size, as well as a complete and innovative offer.

Correlation Group is specialised in rewarding and sales improvement. Located near Paris, the company employs around twenty persons and registers sales of €7m. The commercial synergies with Loyalty Expert are immediate.

Loyalty Expert is an independent and completely integrated agency, which offers a new and unique approach: Distinctive Marketing, entirely customised and orientated towards the client. The agency develops, structures and deploys strategies, marketing and entirely individualised commercial plans, whilst helping with marketing, data and ultra-personalised technology synergies. Established 10 years ago, Loyalty Expert is ranked in the top 20 French marketing agencies and includes more than 100 employees, with expected consolidated sales of €22m in 2014.

Aurignac Finance assisted Loyalty Expert in the acquisition of Correlation group.