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We are proud to count among our team a graduate auditor from the 2023-2024 national session of the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale).

As part of his course of study in the “Armaments and Defence Economy” major, Raphaël Brenier had the opportunity to travel extensively in France (including French Guiana) and abroad (India, Brussels) to visit companies and institutions in the defence, aeronautics and space sectors, as well as military sites. This curriculum also enabled him to attend a large number of conferences given by specialists, and to take part in discussions on the theme of “Facing war: France and the new balances of its defence and national security”, with a particular focus on the European DTIB.

As an IHEDN auditor, Raphaël actively contributes to the links between the armed forces and the nation, and to the development of strategic thinking on defence and security issues. He is no stranger to these issues, as he manages the Aerospace & Defence / Harsh Environment practice at Aurignac Finance.

Raphaël Brenier: “I’m very happy and proud to have had the opportunity to spend these last 9 exciting months, which have enabled me to better understand the specificities and challenges of the defence sector. It was a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons with exceptional encounters (armed forces, institutions, industrials), exciting trips and unique bonds of friendship with all the AED60 auditors. All this contributes to reinforcing the expertise that Aurignac Finance has been developing over the last ten years in the sector, and which we will continue to put at the service of DTIB companies and national and European sovereignty in defence matters.

We congratulate Raphaël Brenier, who has effectively reconciled his position as Partner at Aurignac Finance with his commitment as an IHEDN auditor.