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Thiot Ingénierie, the specialist in shock physics with an international reputation reorganizes its capital and welcomes BNP Paribas Développement and Bpifrance Investissement Région.

Since 30 years, this company based in the South-West of France (Lot – French Department), has developed a strong technical expertise and a rare know-how globally recognized in shock physics. It relies on the unique combination of the 3 following components:

  • Cutting-edge skills in the management of very high pressure, allowing the design and the assembly of high-tech testing machines among which high velocity launchers and detonation chambers,
  • A unique world shock physics laboratory with an exceptional open architecture (private equity funded),
  • Very rare skills in material characterization relying on the combination of two expertise, experimentation and simulation.

This expertise has helped to reach the world record of hypervelocity impact tests at a velocity of 10.5 km/s, and Thiot Ingénierie intends to overcome this record in the next few months.

Thiot Ingénierie acts as a unique center of expertise essential in the development and the design of defence tools and materials and structures that are resilient to extreme shocks. Its historical clients, are mainly from the Defence sector but also from the Space and Aeronautic sector. A major proportion of Thiot Ingénierie turnover comes from international activities. Its machines are now present in research laboratories in 11 different countries such as USA, Singapore or South Korea, and the laboratory’s customers are international major accounts clients.

With a €10 million turnover and more than 30 employees, the company is currently experiencing a great growth of its activity and benefits from an excellent visibility on its long-term growth linked to the current and future dynamic of its markets. The investors’ arrival is a first step in the acceleration and the structuration of the company’s development, both in France and abroad.

For Raphaël Brenier, Partner at Aurignac Finance, “Thiot Ingénierie is a very good example of the ability of numerous French SMEs to develop skills and technologies that allow French industries to keep leading worldwide position thanks to innovation. This is particularly true in the Defence sector, which we are familiar with after 4 years of related experience in this industry (Read the ATI-Consesy press release). Thiot Ingénierie has been able to invest regularly in its technological expertise. It allowed the constitution of an incredible tangible and intangible asset that has become key in the long-term differentiation and innovation strategy of the major players in the Defence and Aerospace industry. Today, this allows the company to fully seize the significant potential of its market, and the investors has perfectly understood that.”

Patrick Thiot, founding manager of Thiot Ingénierie: “We are pleased to give a new dimension to our company with the arrival of BNP Paribas Développement and Bpifrance Investissement that we have known for many years through the Bpifrance Excellence community of which we are part. Aurignac Finance has been able to perfectly accompany us from the beginning of the reflections on the company’s future till the completion of the transaction. The team has been able to explain us the ins and outs of this kind of transaction and what it could bring to the company at the stage of development we are currently experiencing. The team has also deeply analysed our company and its market environment to highlight its assets in terms of know-how, business model and perspective on our markets. This work has been essential for us to be able to choose the best investors to accompany our project in the few coming years”.